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Authorised Economic Operator

AEO – this is an abbreviation for Authorised Economic Operator.

The term indicates a quality assurance system. Companies adopting this system are granted preferential treatment by the customs authorities.


Due to the globalization of international trade and the growing number of terrorist acts the World Customs Organization (WCO) developed a Framework of Standards that laid down the general terms for modern and efficient risk management and as such established the concept of Authorised Economic Operator.


Authorised Economic Operators(AEO) are understood as economic players with a special status.

Authorised economic operators can be defined as an organization which from an operational point of view can be considered as trustworthy within the whole Community and is thus eligible for preferential treatment during the administration of its customs affairs and declarations throughout the EU.


The status is recognized by the customs authorities of all EU member states, regardless of where it was issued.


In line with market expectations, acquiring the AEO status is no longer just an option but has in fact become a requirement to the point that businesses involved in customs administration are motivated to obtain it.


Our company has been the holder of an AEO certificate of the European Community since 29 November 2011.


With our competent and experienced staff we offer you the following services:

  • customs agency services
  • excise services
  • services related to environmental product tax
  • Intrastat data provision
  • freight forwarding
  • logistics services.
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